Used Cars of Oxnard, we have a large inventory for you.

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Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Used Car
1.  Decide How Much You can Afford to Spend.

2.  Figure Out What Car Satifies All Your Requirements.

3.  If You are Only Buying a Car, Detrimine the Value of the Car You Wish to Purchase.
     If You Have a Car You Also Need to Sell, Figure Out It's Value.

4.  Contact and Communicate With the Seller.

5.  Obtain a Saftey and History Report of the Car e.g. CarFax, etc.

6.  Conduct a Study of the Car in Detail and Take a Thorough Test Drive.
     If Possible Take the Car to an Expert Mechanic for an Evaluation. 

7.  Negotiate Your Best Price, please understand there are many books to study in order to learn to be a good negotiator.

8.  Finalize All Your Paperwork Properly and Contact Your Insurance Company to Insure Your New Car. 

9.  Make Sure All Paperwork Has Been Completely and Propely Filed with The Department of Vechicles in Your State.


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